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  • New required inspections effective 02/13/2018.
  • Stand-alone monument Sign Permits will now require a 703 Final Landscape Inspection.
  • Pre-construction 702 Silt Screen/Drainage Inspection is required for the following:
  • Commercial New Construction, Addition, Shell, and Slab
  • Residential New Construction and Addition.
  • NOTE: No other inspections will be performed until the 702 inspection is passed.
  • 239-390-6022 Pete H.
  • 239-284-9892 Les D.
  • 239-207-1285 Ron C.
  • 239-390-6056 Joe S.
  • 239-450-5989 Ayita W.
  • 239-777-3954 Doug W.
  • 239-450-9968 Juls C.
  • 239-308-5450 Andy G.

To enhance measures in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are encouraging face coverings within the lobby area of the Community Development offices. Virtual meetings with Community Development Staff are encouraged; however, face-to-face meetings can be accommodated on an as needed basis. For more information, please click here.

City of Bonita Springs Online Permitting Services

Welcome to the City of Bonita Springs Online Permitting Services portal.

Currently, we do not accept online applications through this portal. However, the Trade Permit application located here may be submitted via email. For convenience, the application contains a Cost Sheet and Credit Authorization form. Credit Card Authorization forms MUST be submitted via fax; emails will not be accepted.

In addition to Trade Permits, other permit applications and non-engineered site/construction plans for permits may be submitted electronically via email. Please submit all documents to the Permitting Department at permitting@cityofbonitaspringscd.org.

ATTENTION: Contractors must first register with the City BEFORE registering with the Online Permitting Portal OR applying for a permit. Please click here to register with the City.

If a Notice of Commencement (NOC) is required, a recorded NOC must be received by the permitting dept. before scheduling the first inspection. A HOLD will be placed on the permit blocking inspections until receipt of the NOC.

A Notice of Commencement is required for work performed by contractors and owner/builders if work proposed exceeds $2,500.00 ($15,000.00 for HVAC Repair/Replacement). A property owner submitting as owner/builder is not exempt from this requirement.

Inspector Contact Numbers:

  • 239-390-6022   Pete Haigis
  • 239-284-9892   Leslie Dowdal
  • 239-207-1285   Ronald Cohowcz
  • 239-390-6056   Joe Specht
  • 239-450-5989   Ayita Lonergan
  • 239-777-3954   Doug Wright
  • 239-450-9968   Juls Chambers
  • 239-308-5450   Andy Guerra

If you have additional questions about the registration process or this portal, click here to email the Help Desk or call the mainline at 239-444-6150. A Community Development staff member will contact you as soon as possible.